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The East End Special Players are developing a new theater piece! This time with music, singing and dancing. The staff and artistic director have been improvising with the actors to create new scenes and material. Their new, original upcoming show is scheduled to hit Bay Street Theatre Saturday, December 10, 2016. A spectacular gala event is in the works for this very special opening night. Don’t miss the East End Special Players in “TROUBLE IN JAMAICA”, A Dirty, Stinky Musical.

Jennifer Auromo – I like theater and I get sad when I don’t get to see my parents.

Aurore Berty – I like the new play. I am a thief. I steal bracelets. I love bracelets in real life.

Linda Buonvino – I have been in a nursing home for almost 5 months. I fell down and broke my knee cap. I can't wait to get back to the EESP

Mary Cardone – I am happy to be back with the EESP. I love my new part. I am a marriage counselor and I like falling in love in real life.

Gregory Doyle – I love Phebe Rogers. She makes me happy.

Ian Dupre – I play Richard Simmons in the new play. I love him.

Lynn Fletcher – I live on the Native American Reservation and I work at McDonalds.

Julian Garcia – I like to go with Jacqui in her blue lightning car. I make a reservation and she picks me up. I like to pretend I'm her husband, Peter Creegan. I like going to acting class and helping Eric Hegi with the music for the play!

Bill Gilles – I am happy living in my group home because Eric Hegi is my new staff person. He makes me laugh! I also like my part as the inspector in the new play.

Lillian Havens – I have moved into a group home. I share a room with Millie. I am still acting with the EESP. I missed them when I was moving. I am a housekeeper in the new play and I sing too. I love it. It's great.

Joe Hodgens – I Like the play. I am a new actor. I used to act in high school with my brother. I can sing, also. I have a deep voice. I wander off sometimes and Jacqui has to remind me to stay with the group. I want to go to Paris with Aurore or to San Francisco with Gabi. I would like to have a sleepover at Jacqui's house with Phebe one night!

Courtney Knox – I always like coming to the East End Special Players. I like taking the bus.
That’s one of my favorite things, taking long bus rides! I also like it when Jacqui buys me something from Starbucks.

Kimberly Lapidus – Well, I'm a natural born actress. I love singing and dancing and acting! I love to put on a jewish Brooklyn accent for my part in the play. I am the super's wife! Boy can I give him a hard time!

Nicholas Luizzi – I take a scat bus to get to my favorite place, the East End Special Players. I like to play crossword puzzles and hold all the girls hands, especially Jacqui's. I am a nice man and I don't like yelling or violence.

Kristen Meade – I have been sick a lot but I push myself to come to acting class. The new play is the best. I love theater and I love making up my part and my lines. I am going to sing in it, also.

Timothy Motyka – I am a dancing man. I am crazy about dancing and I love to sing. Everybody says I have a really good voice. I can't wait to sing and dance in the new play.

Tara O'Connell – I love EESP. I play the daughter of the super. I live in a garbage can.Don't ask me why! We just wrote it that way!!

Marsha Postowski – I love acting and also arts and crafts. I like working at craft fairs held underneath the gazebo at my church.

Christine Provoost – I like to eat and collect things. I am a really good painter, too.

Phebe Rogers – I work a lot at the Bridgehampton Library. I also work in the summer at the North Sea Farms. I love the new play. I eat French fries and cry out spare change, spare change! I am still going out with my fiancé Gregory Doyle. I play a crazy lady in the play.

Princess Roth – I have missed the Players because I moved to North Carolina. I was gone for a few years. Now I'm back and I am glad to be. I love my new part in the play. I'm the warden of the Klink for the Mentally Insane. I have a good part.

Angela Shipkoski – I am a cop in the new play. I get put behind bars! When I'm not at acting class, I work at the Nursing home in Southampton. I really like it.

Eliot Smith – I am so glad to be a part of the EESP. I like to talk a lot and this gives me a chance to! I have created a part for myself in the play. I am the owner of Michael Angelo's, an Italian Restaurant. The play is full of crazy things happening all over the place. I like making up my own lines, too!

Desiree Starks – I like the Players and acting. Theatre is really good for me because I can get out my frustrations.

Diane Walderman – I am a country western singer in the latest production, Trouble in Jamaica, A stinking Dirty Musical. I love to sing. It makes me happy.

Nakowa Weeks – I eat pasta in the new play. I eat it really fast!

Betsy Weinberger – I am working on my personal planning meeting paying attention to my dreams, and what I want to pursue. I am married to Tommy Weinberger. He drives me crazy sometimes but I really love him.

Tommy Weinberger – It's a new play and I have a great part. I'm the super of the building. I'm the worst super in the world! I love writing these plays with everybody. We have a lot of laughs!

Davey Whelan – I love EESP. I love Joe and Ian and Nakowa. They are my buddies.

Bill Wilson – Well, I am happy about the new play. I am filmed in the play also and I have a good part. I like it very much.

Suzanne Mary Windels – Well, what I'd like to say is, does everybody like me in my new part?

Nancy Young – One of my favorite things to do is go pumpkin picking! I love going out to lunch also.


In June of 2012, the East End Special Players were once again at the center of a confluence of magical artistic happenings. At the studio and on the grounds of renowned sculptor, Hans Van de Bovenkamp, the players hosted a standing room only audience as they performed “The Fish Juggler”. This is a short piece consisting of four tableaux vivants set against the back drop of a series of whimsical reverse paintings on glass by noted painter, Gabrielle Raacke.

The “Fish Juggler” is a continuation of the theme developed recently, under the brilliant leadership of our artistic director, Jacqui Leader. Jacqui is uniquely gifted at scripting productions that maximize the potential of the players. With this production, she and the staff encouraged the creative input of the participants. The players were invited to view the paintings and then to develop skits based on what they saw. The skits are performed with the paintings projected on a screen behind the action.

The performance was spontaneously and roundly applauded. The East End Special Players have developed a reputation for producing delightful theater and the “Fish Juggler” did not disappoint. The audience responded to its humor and its humanity.

Following the play, our supporters showed their approval by making our Dutch auction extremely successful. Bidders were encouraged to bid for the privilege of funding various needs of the East End Special Players. For example, we have been in need of an additional staff person to assist with many of the tasks of our overburdened staff. Thanks to this successful fund raising event, we were able to hire an intern for the next year. Funds are now available to purchase better costumes and better materials for our stage settings. These will be rolled out at our next performance of the “Fish Juggler” on November 8, 2012 at Stony Brook University.

Contributions may be sent to: East End Special Players, Inc., PO Box 232, East Hampton, NY 11937