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Nancy Kane has written a very nice article about the players for the Southampton Press. Read it here.



† † † † † ††"As the proud father of a Special Player who is rehearsing for your upcoming production in April, I want to thank the East End Special Players for including Zachary in your theater group.††Your gifted actors and their enthusiasm are infectious. †Your professionalism and devotion are enriching my family and our community. †I canít wait to see Gigi: the Life of a Doll." Blake Kerr

"To have had the privilege to host the East End Special Players in my studio, was rewarding and an eye opener for the love and joy that these players and there coaching team displayed. Their performance was remarkable and enriching about a world I knew little about, and I am looking forward to another event. I will donate another small sculpture for their next fundraising." Hans Van de Bovenkamp

"I had the privelege of seeing Kokrobite Junction performed at Bay Street Theater in 2011. The energy and commitment of the players was astounding!" commented Jeri Miners, a member of the audience.

"It was a charming production [The Legend of Deirdre]. It brought tears to my eyes, and my husband's too", says Mary Ann Karoussus, a member of the audience.

"I'm impressed," adds Patti Love, a Mise Erie Irish Dance instructor. "Two of the dancers wrote their college entrance essays about the players and their collaboration with them. Their teachers forwarded the papers to the superintendent." 

"Love was spilling over everywhere on Sunday afternoon at Guild Hall when the East End Special Players presented their play, From King Arthur With Love,"
wrote Marion Wolberg Weiss in her review in Dan's Papers.

"There are many reasons why I am in theatre. The East End Special Players is one; their production of The Mikado in Mime moved me to reach out, to hold and to love," says Bradlee E. Bing, Executive Artistic Director of Theatre Three. 

"I believe that this is a very worthy project that you are performing. Good Luck!"
-Eunice Kennedy Shriver,
The Joseph P.Kennedy, Jr. Foundation.

"...Performances can often be surprising, enlightening and most of all·.exciting"- The Southampton Press

For the performers, acting enhances their self-esteem, confidence, and awareness of the theater.

Nakowa Weeks: "I love being in the new play where I sing Home on The Range and I play a cowboy and baseball player!"

Courtney Knox: "I'm so excited to be in this new production of "The Life of a Doll". I play the lead, and I'm going to be singing a famous Bob Marley song."

Gregory Doyle: "Phebe and I have a very special scene together. I love being with her on stage."

Christine Provoost: "Acting is very special to me. I'm actually a very closed person, but being in theater forces me to talk and express myself."

Aurore Berty: "I didn't like going to my old school. I was very homesick. I moved back home to Wainscott and I started the East End Special Players. I love everybody there, and I love being on stage. I was scared at first, but the director encourages me to not be afraid."

Thomas Weinberger: "Since I can't read or write, being in theater has given me a great outlet. I love to be a ham and be serious at the same time. The staff is always patient with me, and take many of my ideas and turn them into reality. I've gotten a lot more self-esteem from being in this group."

Phebe Rogers: "Every time we start a new play, I get very excited. I bring in all this music so I can do interpretive dancing. I am especially looking forward to this new piece because I am also doing the backdrops for it. I love to paint and draw."

Ian Dupre: "My best friend is in the theater group with me. We have a really good time on stage, his name is Nakowa. He makes me laugh, and I love doing my impersonation of Joe Pesci."